Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day 4!

Massachusetts, New Hampshire & Maine.

We left Jason's youth pastors in MA a little before 11 and were in Boston by 12:30. We walked around a couple blocks and then wandered through the Wharf. We had lunch at a hole in the wall sandwich shop and then drove aimlessly around Boston's financial district and then around Beacon Hill's residential area. So pretty!

Sorry, I am not skilled at taking drive-by photos. 
We then battled Boston's crazy drivers out of Boston. 

We crossed into New Hampshire at 2:40 and by 2:53....
I would have missed the Maine state line if I hadn't been looking at the map to know how close it was. And still Jason had to warn me how quickly it was coming. 

We are spending 2 nights in Portland for sure, possibly a third...that's the fun of this trip, we don't have to be anywhere at a specific date or time. 

Jason had his first taste of Maine lobster tonight. Granted it was in a lobster roll so not straight lobster but he said it was good. I fell in love with L.L. Bean's home department store, grabbed a couple of their catalogs to re-decorate my house look at in the car. 

Tomorrow we want to explore Wolfe's Neck wood state park in Freeport. I am hoping to make time to wander around the outlet stores that are just a few minutes away from our hotel. 

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  1. Im so jealous! Tell Jason to eat alot of lobster for me. Yum!!! Enjoy the rest of your trip, thanks for sharing.