Thursday, July 9, 2015

Ellie's 2!

Happy Second Birthday Ellie!!
I know you are having a great birthday in Heaven. We will be celebrating you all day. I posted your first birthday invitation for people to send us photos of balloons again this year.
Here is last years birthday post, 1st birthday.

We got the first pictures a couple days ago from our good friends. The kids were staying with their grandma at the time.

A friend from Rockford.
Jason's Aunt and Uncle.

A foreign exchange student from high school.

One of my coworkers.
A family friend.

My brother.

A former coworker.
Illinois cousin.
Jason's brother.

From a sweet family that I worked with when I was getting my master's degree. 

From a former coworker.

IL friend.

My grandparents in MN.

Family friends shared a video with us where their son is playing with bubbles in honor of Ellie. They didn't have a balloon. 

I will keep posting as more come. 

Jason and I had a picnic with Ellie for lunch and brought balloons out to her. 
The birthday banner that we didn't put up until 9:30 pm...oops!
Our balloons outside our house. Two of them had already popped by the time I got a picture. 
Here is our balloon launch at 6:53 pm, the time Ellie was born.

After dark we lit two sky lanterns or wish lanterns. Last year a relative of my mom's had sent us one after Ellie was born and we chose to save it for her first birthday. This year we decided we would do two of them. Hopefully we can continue to do the number of her age.

Here is the first lantern. Ignore all the random conversations going on.
Here is the second lantern. 

Ellie girl, we hope you had a great birthday! Lot's of people were sharing their love for you today. I had many birthday wishes for you today and yesterday.
Mom and Dad love you and miss you!